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1. I would like medical FFP3,is there have medical disposable masks?
Sorry, we don’t have medical disposable masks,medical surgical masks controlled by the government,what you can find on Alibaba are not really medical masks.
We have FFP2,KN95 civilian masks,and passed the corresponding detection standard.

2. Are they CE certified?
Yes,these are provided by professional&qualified factories, and passed the European CE, US (FDA) certification standards.

3. Can you show me these certifications?
Yes. We will show you certifications before cooperation, they are provided by professional medical device factories. We promise that these factories are certified. We are an 11-year-old exporter with much experience in exporting. I suggest we could talk about some issues firstly, such as price, delivery, etc.

4. What is the price?
Our price is a stepped quotation. The more you purchase,the better our price will be. Please see details in the quotation sheet.

5. Can you quote the price of FOB? Can you quote a price with shipping?
Yes,we can quote the price of FOB Xiamen.If you don’t have freight forwarding,we can help you to solve the problem of export transportation and quote to you the price of C&F including freight.

6. How long is the delivery?
We have ready stock, can send out within 2-3 days after payment. For urgent order, I can help you apply to send out within 1-2 days after payment.
We suggest to delivery in batches if your order qty is big. For details, please refer to our shipping plan.

7. How is it transported? How long does it arrive?
Usually delivered by commercial express such as DHL or Fedex.Fast to Europe or the United States in 5-7 days,and delivery to door, time is life!

8. How about the package?
The masks will be packed in small boxes inside and big carton outside. If you agree to cancel inner boxes or put them separately from masks, you can save freight cost. But you will need to pack them locally when received.

9. I prefer to ship by air, how do you suggest?
At this special moment, Air companies have significantly reduced their flights, leading to sharp rise of air freight and severe delay, so I do not suggest air transport.
We have 11-year exporting experience and established very good cooperation with courier companies like DHL and FedEx. The Door-to-door delivery has much better price and can save your customs fees by partial shipments.

10. My order is big, I want to compare it with others.

Yes, I understand.We recommend that you place a sample order first, for example, 1000 FFP2 (or 4000 disposable masks) is about a carton.If pay now, we can send it out within 24 hours, and you will receive it after 4 days, then you can make a decision whether these goods can meet your standards or not! time is life!

11. Can I pay by Paypal or Alipay?

I'm sorry! From April 1st, The Chinese Customs has banned the export of masks without a medical device registration certificate and production license.
And during export inspection,the customs will ask us to provide a payment account with a medical qualification certificate,so we only accept the payment to our company bank account. Because paypal is a personal account, and the corresponding Ohyeah subsidiary on Alibaba trade assurance does not have a medical device registration certificate,But the comeondear bank account you are about to pay is our head office. it has medical device qualifications.

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